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Piece of my Heart by yukicaster
Piece of my Heart
I'm so surprised with how this turned out, I didn't think I was gonna be able to make it look good!Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

Oh, and I got my hair dyed again 

Oh, and I'm Bisexual
Cesium by yukicaster
    Amelia I. Mathews

    Ame, Cesium, 55
    Date of birth
    November 18th 
    Height / weight 
    5'4" (162cm) / 110 (49kg)
    Hair / eyes 
    Light-red to blue (Was blond, but because of the water vapor in the air, it's taken on the color of Cesium burning)
    Light sky blue

    Element name 

    The most reactive Alkali

    Atomic number and symbol
    55 Cs
    55 tattoo located on her right wrist.
    Cs tattoo located on the back of her neck


    Liquid: She can produce liquid Caesium, which can be good for either attack, deconstruction, or a diversion (boom boom). She can cause explosive and short fires in the air because of the water vapor. The melting point is at 28 °C (82 °F)
    Since the melting point of Caesium is so low, if she gets too warm her sweating becomes small little sparks on her skin.

    Gas: Unknown. Boiling point is at 670 C (1238 F)

      Solid: Unknown. When combined with water or ice, after the explosion, C OH is formed, which is strong enough to cut glass. So that's cool. Too bad theres the booom boom

      Burn: Just burns? (All I could find was how water will make it explode)

      + Candy


      +Light colors/Pastels

      + Cooler temperatures

      + Reading

      + Drawing



      - Water

      - Difficult situations

      - Confined spaces

      - Heat

      - Horses

      -Being alone

      - Heights

      She is very stubborn and hot headed. She often demands her own way, due to her being spoiled as a little child. Whenever she doesn't get her way though she can find herself getting very angry, even if it's over something very trivial. Despite this she secretely has a big heart, and cares deeply for those she cares about, and tries her hardest to keep them out of harms way. She is very clumsy, the type of person who trips over their own feet, and chokes on water (not that she gets much of that anymore). She acts very tough and independednt, however if you get to know her you'll find out that she's really just like child, who wants someone to hold her hand when times get rough. She hates to be alone, even though she isn't the most sociable person. She tends to have mood swings all the time, they can happen overnight or in the middle of a conversation.

      Ame was born to two wealthy business owners. She had an easy life growing up, which is why she acts like a child now. Around age twelve she became very sick. Her parents had to take unpaid vacations in order to stay with her and help nurse her back to health. After countless trips to the hospital and doctors she finally began to recover. As the medication the doctors perscribed help fight off the pathogen, it also caused her spleen to enlarge. It soon got to the point of rupturing, one rush to the emergency room later and Ame no longer had her spleen. This caused her immune system to be compromised. For the rest of her life she had to be cautious of the diseases and dangers of the world, even catching something as simple as a cold could land her in the ER. When she was fifteen she was sent off to a boarding school, her parents would call and visit every now and then, but they were often too busy to make time for their only child. While she had some friends at the boarding school, their relationships became estranged due to all of the precautions Ame had to take. After having a major mental breakdown Ame was forced to see a psychologist. After further mental assessment they diagnosed her with severe depression, and because of her missing spleen they had to put her on a special anti-depressant. This anti-depressant contained Cesium. With the high dosage of her medication and lack of a spleen, the cesium made it's way into her DNA, and altered it. However while this was occurring Ame's body struggled to keep up. One night she had to go to the ER because of a quickly developing fever, the doctors kept her overnight, however when she woke up she found herself in Organisation 118.




      Didn't change her info because i'm lazyyyyyy //shot

      EDIT: She looked too small, it was bothering me


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I've decided I'm going to clean out my gallery of the bases I've used. I've decided to keep the collabs though, because people really seem to enjoy doing those. Everything else though is gonna go! 


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